Lego Technic Buggy: Model 8048

Technic BuggyLego Technic has been a firm Christmas favourite for many years for children of all ages and the new Lego Technic Buggy does not disappoint.

Made to appeal to the more technically minded, the Technic range from Lego always has more of an engineering feel to the other types of models you can make and the Technic Buggy is no different.

This is a 2 in 1 model and you can build both a dune buggy and a tractor from the same kit. The Dune Buggy has working 4-wheel suspension and different parts of the model add to the engineered feel of the final result. So, for example, you can turn the wheels directly from the steering wheel and the engine pistons move as the vehicle rolls along.


If this is a must have gift, order now to avoid disappointment.


Lego Technic Buggy Instructions

It has to be said that the instructions need to be read carefully to make the models correctly and so the kit is recommended for children over the age of 9, just to avoid any frustration that might be experienced by younger ones. At a pinch, this could form a great project for a slightly younger child and a dad who misses building kits!

The Technic Buggy instruction booklet is laid out pretty clearly, though. When there are two pieces which might be mistaken, the book actually has a full-size drawing of the right piece, so you can compare it directly with the part in your hand. Maybe IKEA should be following this particular technique!

Lego themselves suggest an upper age of 16 for the Technic Buggy, but these toys are so well made that I can see some parents getting involved after the Christmas excitement is done. In fact, one of the reviews on Amazon comes from just one such older gamer who bought himself a Technic Buggy.